Axel Vervoordt bij het water

From the book: 'May and Axel Vervoordt'

Portret Roger Baltus - Advocaat

Prisoners - Angola State Penitentiary

Waterpret in Normandië

Personal project: Calvados

Paardenraces in Calvados

Personal project: Calvados

Zelfportretten in Cuba

People taking their own picture

Jehova-fans  in Havana

Personal project: Cuba

Straatbeeld in Cuba

Personal project: Cuba

Iraanse vrouw met masker


Jongen met hond - Winnende foto van de Kodak European Gold Awards


Boer in koeienstal op Landgoed de Utrecht

Personal project: Landgoed De Utrecht

Meisje met zonnebril waarvan één glas ontbreekt

Personal project: Old school

Model onder Magirus Deutz 256 truck

Personal project: Piushaven

Model met roodgelakte nagels gluurt door luxaflex

Personal project: Studio

Kameraadschap in Duitse fabriek

Annual report: Stork

Kussende man op een oud bankje

Personal project: Cuba

Van Beek en Dings in Kasteel Middachten

Van Beek en Dings

Zwart/wit portretten van veteranen


Portret van Gert-Jan van der Hoest in eigen interieur

From the book: Marcel Wolterinck
Gert-Jan van der Hoest

Hardcover - Luxe uitgave

300 pagina's / 30 x 30 cm

De beste foto's van 40 jaar Cees Roelofs. Een boeiende retrospectieve
met schitterende beelden van Cees Roelofs' reizen, bloemen, interieur,
architectuur, mensen, natuur, auto's enzovoort..

€ 49,95 inclusief btw
Gratis verzending binnen Nederland

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Looking for passion and creativity?
I'm your man. My name is Cees Roelofs, an experienced Dutch photographer
with a broad perspective on professional pictures. As a digital pioneer I stood
in the front line, already experimenting with atmosphere, style and detail.
Without exaggeration, I can say the world is my stage.

The art of living
I have captured the serenity of the Asian continent and explored the mysteries
of African tribes. I traveled to the Americas to really understand life's liberties
and boundaries. In every picture there is a story. Sometimes hidden, sometimes
obvious. But nevertheless, it's the power of story that makes my work rise above
the average image. I consider myself as an imagineer, designing images with
maximum impact and meaning, inviting you to become part of the scene.

Truth is in the heart
It's true that I have been honored with the Kodak European Gold Award, but
more important is the warm feedback of all those people I have worked with.
They constantly remind me of the reason why I started taking pictures a long
time ago when I was a boy. I can still vividly remember the faces of my family
and neighbors in the village I lived in. Proud or shy, wrinkled or shiny, they
all expressed a sense of authenticity. A notion that still gets me going. It's that
same realness that has been driving me since.

Take a shot
All pictures can be applied anywhere you like and delivered in every kind of
size. Next week on the walls of your client? Or even better, hire me to boost
your campaign or project with exciting pictures in accordance with your desired
emotion and atmosphere.

Come closer
I invite you to have a look at my work. The photos on this website are only a selection
of what I have been busy with over a long period of time. You will see my
fascination with contrast: formal and natural, detail and overview, intimate and bold.

If you get the picture, then I would be glad to get in touch with you. If you have
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by mail or phone.

Kind regards,

Cees Roelofs

First a prison, now a hotel
Men in Angola State Prison Louisiana, who are punished for what they did, but still proud to be part of their small reality. You can recognize their identity without exception. Just people, plain and simple. Their characters are now part of a hotel's identity.

X-ray protection suits normally aren't very appealing. Those of MDT are. Because they are functional and even fashionable. So that's why I chose to have them photographed with suitable models on a catwalk.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group
Dutch cigars as a world traveler. This concept led me to cities all over the world. I traveled to Canada, Russia, Australia, India and several European capitals to show the diversity and selling points of STG cigars. Of course I also took pictures from the source, impressions of tobacco fields and workers in Indonesia.